Stop The Raven


Olivia Colt is a reaper, a being  that leads the souls of the dead through purgatory. They can live among people, interact with them, and pretend to be what they’re not. Human. One rule to be followed above all others, no attachments.

When Olivia’s mother dies, she says good-bye to that life and returns home to Canyon, Texas  to help her aunt and brother in this time of crisis. There she remembers what the simple life can be and finds herself falling for Travis. When the time comes to leave and return to her duties as a reaper, Olivia strikes up a deal with the others. An agreement that will allow her to spend a lifetime in her home town without them.

That is until a string of premature deaths start up and Olivia is forced to team up with her mentor, Caius, and his friends to find the source of the deaths. When faced with the reality of her choices, Olivia can either face them or continue to lie low as the home she loves is slowly destroyed.